Free Forecast Target Trade

The TCCS strategy forecast indicates a setup on the following pairing;

Coin : QKC/BTC
Exchange: Binance
TCCS strategy would be to Buy :
Between 0.0000091 to 0.0000093

TCCS strategy would be to Sell at :
Target 1 : 0.0000103
Target 2 : 0.0000113
Target 3 : 0.0000120

Trader Comments on the forcasted setup:
QKC/BTC MA 200 and EMA 100 will acting like a support
MACD Bullish
OBV Bullish
Rising triangle.

These forecasts are not monitored by TCCS after posting. As such you will
need to do your own research, stop-loss, find exit positions and conduct
your own risk management in regards to position size. Should you prefer to
follow a portfolio approch in order to maximize benefits join the VIP .
Extra filtered calls stop loss management, exit points & usage of USDT to
maximize the portfolio value are used in the VIP .