BTC Update & Forecast Target Trade

Hello Dear Members,

With a lot of surprise & disapointment we saw Bitcoin take a different
direction of what we forecasted.

If we look at the BTC history every hack of a major exchange builds fear in
the crypto market and leads to a Bitcoin retrace. Sadly this time it din’t
happen. In trading we always play the odds in our favor but sometimes it
dosen’t unfold on the side of the odds. The good news is that BTC drained
the Altcoin Market. As such, it opened the door to enter at a good price.
Furthermore, we think BTC has reached is maximum dominance and Altcoin will
start to benefit soon.

As BTC has now recovered our strategy will change from protecting & growing
USDT to protecting & growing BTC. As such, BTC will be our stable coin.

Below is our New Portfolio :

We Bought (50%)

We Bought (50%)

TCCS Portfolio
EOS 50%
ETH 50%