BTC & Trade Update – 2019/06/03 – 15:07

Hello Dear Members,

Despite the BTC retracement in the last days the overall (primary) market
trend remains bullish. If we look a little closer at market cycles (market
have three trends) the primary trend remains bullish while inside the
primary trend a secondary trend occurs (retracement in a bullish market
whithout changing the primary trend) which is ocurring now.

The reason we decided to keep BNB is because Binance always founds ways to
bring value to their coin by creating demand (e.i launch pads). Furthermore
we woudn’t be surprise that when margin trading launches a major componant
of it will be related to BNB coin to create demand.

In regards to BTC, secondary trend. When we look back it usually retraces
beetween 25 % to 30 %. We will expose our wallet as soon as the figures are
reached which could be in the $ 6500 – $ 7000 area.

Have a good week-end !