Strategy Update – 2019/07/15 – 16:11 PM

TCCS Academy, Strategy with the MA and EMA on the 1H chart.
Given the current market TCCS Academy is not able to produce in the moment Trade Forecast with Altcoins to accumulate Bitcoin.
However, we other strategies can be used in order to try to accumulate Bitcoin. This strategy is a risky strategy, but works most of the time.
By looking closer at the chart, we can see two blue lines representing the EMA 200 and MA 200. When the price goes over these two moving averages, we can put a Buy Limit order (1 to 2 %) over the two blue lines and a Sell Limit order (5 to 10 %) over your Buy and a Stop Loss (2 to 3 %) below the two blue lines. We don’t provide this type of Educational Forecast in our platform as this type of trade can be over in one hour. This type of strategy requires the trader that is using it to be in front of your computer and monitor closely the trade.

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