Educational Portfolio Update – 2019/07/26 – 9:46 AM

The third choice for the TCCS Academy portfolio will be ETH however at present we belive a better entry zone will be available in due time.
The fourth choice will be EOS. 10% Eos is a delegated proof of stake network, which allows for higher transaction per second (TPS) . Due to its ease of design and supporting communitites we think eos will be one of the platforms where alot of third party developers will create projects on. Having overcome various hurdles and decentralizing their block producers further, Eos takes the fifth seat in the TCCS Academy portfolio
We have set aside 20% of the TCCS Academy Portfolio for trading with the sole aim of accumulating more BTC with succesful trades. We use small account builder strategies for these forcasts/trades and they are likely to come with more associated Risk. Without risk one can not claim reward and a 20% allocation for these trades should return on our investment. Keep the 30% in USDT, we need to find the right range to rebuy some ETH and BTC.
TCCS portfolio, 25% BTC 15% BNB 10% EOS 30% USDT
20% Trading portfolio – 100% BTC

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