Overall Learning Objectives

Cryptocurrency Educational Courses  Overall Learning Objectives

Quickly become a cryptocurrency pro with TCCS Academy educational courses. From mastering the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to mastering the basic concepts of technical analysis and trading to finally getting started with purchasing Bitcoin and trading, our five educational courses will flow the user in a logical and methodical step by step path.

Course 1 Learning Objectives

Quickly become familiar with cryptocurrency basic concepts with this beginner course. In this course we will cover; What Cryptocurrencies are ? How they came to be ? Where they are traded and what they are used for ?

What Topics will be covered

  • What are Cryptocurrencies
  • What is Bitcoin
  •  What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  •  What are Altcoins
  • What is Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  • What are Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and IEO’s

What will you achieve ?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Understand cryptocurrency terminology and core concepts.

Who is the course for ?

This course is for anyone interested in learning about the cryptocurrency space, core concepts and terminology in order to start they journey into the cryptocurrency world.

What software or tools do you need ?

No software is required in this course all the relevant material is provided in the lessons.

Here’s a explanation video on  why you should follow that course!


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