Lesson 8: Alternative Digital Ledgers (D.A.G)

Lesson Learning objectives : Is there alternative information structure to Blockchain ? This lesson will cover an alternative information structure, namely Direct Acrylic Graph (D.A.G)

Alternative Digital Ledgers (D.A.G)

Blockchain is not the only information structure available, Direct acrylic graph (DAG) technologies have alot of similar properties whilst still having a few notable exceptions. 

In a DAG network, transactions are sent through nodes (A) acrylicy, meaning in one direction, passing the information onto another node which has previously received this information. This speeds up the verification process for transactions.

Blockchain is also (D) directed, in that the flow of information is in sequence along the chain. When a transaction is sent from one node there is no way for the information to travel backwards, it has to travel through another node in another transaction. 

One of the core differences between blockchains and DAG-based structures is that DAG allows for multiple chains of blocks to co-exist, whereas a blockchain network only allows for one main chain. This is possible because nodes can operate in parallel, as long as the flow of information is directed.












(Source: https://medium.com/coinmonks/dag-will-overcome-blockchain-problems-dag-vs-blockchain-9ca302651122)

As displayed above, blockchains can be seen as a more linear data structure. 

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