Market Update – 2019/07/31 – 15:04 PM

Total market cap over the last 24 hours went from $ 261 B to 275 $ B an increase of $ 14 B (5.36%). Total volume over the last 24 H went from 45 B to 51 B an increase of 6 B (13.33%) with a current BTC dominance at 65 %

In regards to the BTC ; in the last 24 H BTC was traded upwards going from a low of On the 1H chart the sellers tried to push BTC down from $ 9502 to $10 109 (Binance). However, even with that push the BTC remains below the reversal lines as we posted yerterday on our analysis. BTC is currently traded at $ 9975.
Important Events of the Day
Vexanium (VEX) : Swap Ends
NetKoin (NTK) : Holder Snapshot
Mediblock (MED) : Mainnet Launch
Repcap of the News Posted in the Free Yesterday
Blockchain will solve this problem of your personal data by storing it on chain instead of giving it to a entreprise . Mass adoption is coming slowly but surely.

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