Market Update – 2019/07/24 – 8:25

Total market cap over the last 24 hours went from $ 274 B to 264 $ B a
decrease of $ 10 B (3.64%). Total volume over the last 24 H went from 57 B
to 55 B a decrease of 2 B (3.50%) with a current BTC dominance at 64.9%

In regards to the BTC ; in the last 24 H BTC was continued to be traded
downwards going from a high of $ 10 227 to a low of 9593 $. Yesterday BTC
broke the 10 K mark and continued to be traded sideways below 9 K. However,
in the last days the BTC dominance has started to decrease which start to
give room for the Atlcoins. BTC is currently traded at $ 9717.

Important Events of the Day

Zilliqa (ZIL) : Bittrex Token Swap

Kambria (KAT) : Binance DEX Delisting Chain (CRO) : Bithumb Listing

Ontology (ONT) : OnTRade Listing

Recap of Yesterday News :

Bitfinex Challenges NYAG Claims of Servicing US Customers

Website :

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